XRP Ledger based secure and fast transaction platform.

SpendTheBits is a cryptocurrency payment mobile app which is powered by XRP Ledger, a decentralized, open source platform. It will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency (both by sending and receiving) as well as store their cryptocurrency.

Unique Features

Instant Deposits

Buy or move Bitcoin from your local exchange and deposit instantly on SpendTheBits app and have your spending account in minutes.

Instant Spend

Spend your cryptocurrency at striking speed using SpendTheBits app: simply scan the QR code and click on “Pay Securely” button & our app does the rest. Transactions will settle within seconds. Right now we only support transactions between SpendTheBits app users (STB to STB).

Instant Withdrawal

Don’t want to spend your cryptocurrency? That’s not a problem at all: simply send your funds on any of your choice of Blockchain wallet or exchange.

Low Cost

SpendTheBits app is a proactive & inexpensive method to save money while spending. Our app is fully powered by XRP Ledger, hence reducing the network transactions fee cost from dollars to pennies. At the end of the day who doesn’t love to save money, we know we do!

  • Low Transaction Fee

    Our transaction fees are based upon tiered fee structure, i.e., discounts increase with increase in the payment amount you transfer hence, the higher you transact, the lesser percentage you pay.

  • Fastest Settlements

    Send & Receive Bitcoin using PayString within seconds without any hassle which is a huge contrast to the current crypto ecosystem.

Powerful Payment Solution

With the help of emerging Blockchain technology, our company’s objective is to build something easy-to-use, inexpensive, entertaining and innovative for our customers. That’s where SpendTheBits app comes in handy. The app is engineered to save users large amount of transaction fees hence making it operational in everyday use. SpendTheBits mobile payment app will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency 24/7. Our company’s goal is to create a one-stop shop for all crypto-related needs.

24/7 Access

SpendTheBits mobile payment app will enable users to spend their cryptocurrency anytime and anywhere.


We have got your back in every aspect of the way: SpendTheBits app is built on decentralized network and your private keys are stored locally in your smartphone making it impossible to be hacked.


Let’s get started!